What We Do

STEM Training
Junior and Senior high school students will learn to research and solve real-world problems in innovative ways and gain a deeper understanding of the STEM fields and how they work together.
Internship Programs
Serve Squad's interns are mentored and trained as Junior IT Project Managers.  The Squad manages community service internship projects 100% remotely!
Post-Secondary Certification
Squad Interns receive college and apprenticeship planning assistance, with an opportunity to earn an industry-recognized, high-demand, stackable, global, PM Micro-Credential & Certification and much more!
Our Mission

Serve Squad’s mission is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to succeed today.

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—Work Development

Interactive Training Sessions

Get a head start on jobs that can pay over $125,000/year. We assist students with training, development, internship programs in the multiple sectors. Serve Squad® graduates have been awarded over $150,000 in scholarships and been accepted to world-class universities.
Through integrated Project Management components that will take place over the academic year, Serve Squad® will combine innovative STEM learning with A-I based technologies that can lead to a college-level PM certification that employers and admissions counselors can access on an international registry.
Earn Money while you Learn

Students will be allowed to gain work-based experience and an opportunity to earn a stipend with a pre-determined set of hours/week.

1 -on- 1 Therapy Support

Students will be given access to cognitive therapy support that they may not have had otherwise.

Graduate with Credits

Students will have an opportunity to receive bonuses, financial aid, and community service credits which will go toward their graduation.

— Virtual Training

Live Sessions with Instructors that Care.

We provide students with the technology to participate in our training program and interact with their instructors and classmates.
Our innovative approach also provides college, apprenticeship, and scholarship mentorship and coaching that is culturally aligned and geographically accessible for youth and their families.

Learning Stages with Us

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Develop the skills to prepare for a future as a Junior Project Manager.

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Graduate with opportunities to extend credentials in the Workforce or University.

<a href="https://storyset.com/education">Education illustrations by Storyset</a>

Receive opportunities to join a lucrative STEM Federal Government Career Pathway via our Referral Partners.