At Serve Squad®, we believe that no student should miss out on opportunities because of their caste, class, race, gender, religion, or orientation.

Why we do this

We are committed to preparing our students for success beyond high school by integrating policies that promote equity, and measured impact and prepare them with skills like financial literacy, that they need in preparation for college or an apprenticeship,

One way we do this is through Serve Squad® which utilizes the Center for American Progress’s (CAP) framework on workforce development in their service delivery model so we can be intentional and strategic in our approach to turning research and policy recommendations into action!

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Program Description

Serve Squad® is a 501c3 nonprofit that offers Pre-College/Pre-Apprenticeship, virtual workforce and Post-secondary training, development, financial literacy, and internship programs both remotely and in-person!

The Squad interns use STEM training and cutting edge IT tools to get a head start on jobs that can pay over $125,000/year, while leading the critical effort to strengthen access to basic needs in their communities.

Associate IT Project Manager interns receive stipends, wraparound services, STEM training, community service credits, college financial aid, and an opportunity to earn an international Junior Project Manager certification proving their mastery of the material.  Interns also receive mentoring, college tours, recreational experiences, mentoring, and more!

Program Timeline

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