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We want to provide Metro Detroit youth access to top-notch post-secondary education, opportunities to flourish with work-based experiences, and an industry-recognized, high-demand global certification.

Serve Squad Affiliate

Project Management Institute Great Lakes

Our program is an affiliate of the Project Management Institute Great Lakes chapter and has been endorsed by the COO of the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation.
Serve Squad's interns will learn about IT Project Management (PM) with a curriculum developed by the Project Management Institute. The certification course will take place over one academic year and will integrate internship projects with PMI's curriculum so that interns will gain hands-on experience as well!

Charity Co-Op

PMIGL's Serve Squad® program is designed to prepare youth for the demands of tomorrow, Today!

Building a Network

We seek to create community-focused, post - secondary education and high-earning career pathway opportunities for students.

Change a Life

Provide guidance, social-emotional support, and resources that will empower students in all aspects of development.

Create Opportunity

We are working to address systemic biases in the workforce by promoting equitable work-based learning experiences and preparing students for success.


We seek to create community based secondary education opportunities for students.

Our History

PMIGL's Serve Squad®  program is a diverse and inclusive workforce development initiative that was developed by professionals with decades of experience in project management.

Our vision was fuelled by a commitment towards social good and an anticipation that our generation will be responsible for shaping a post-COVID-19 world; therefore we focused on workforce development training as one way that PMI can help future generations ready themselves better than ever before!

The Great Lakes Chapter boasts 80+ chapters worldwide which makes it a leader when you consider global demand within this field.

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Consulting the Community

Serve Squad’s founding director conducted a listening tour at many local Detroit-area nonprofits to observe and determine how she could contribute to the youth development field.

Launching the Program: Pilot

The first group of high school student interns became Associate Project Managers in service to our partner network, which we call Charity Co-Op. These young people are now able to use their skills and knowledge as they work on projects related to local non-profits within their community!

Building a Network During Covid

The future is bright for our first group of high school student interns who graduated during the Covid-19 pandemic!


We are proud that despite many challenges we have never stopped working to level the playing field for underserved youth and are preparing high school seniors to enroll in college and apprenticeships for fall 2023.

Meet the Team

Meet the Serve Squad®, a team of professionals with decades-worth of experience. They've committed themselves to help youth prepare for future endeavours by providing resources that will help them achieve their goals and potential!
Tené Logan

Executive Director

Hernán Miranda

Associate Project
Manager Instructor

Paige Drayton

Social Work Coordinator

Airika Buford

Youth Programming Advisor

Our Partners

With a team of dedicated professionals, we aim to prepare youth for the workforce and higher education. We work together with other organizations that share our mission in order to achieve this goal! They include but are not limited to: